LotRO: Where Am I? A Game for Explorers

Inspired by Massively’s Where Am I? series, I recently started an  exploration game on my Kinship’s forum.

The rules are simple:

  1. Someone posts a picture of a location (I posted the first one).
  2. The first person to post with the name and map coordinates of the location where the picture was taken is allowed to post the next picture.
  3. Private instances are out-of-bounds, but any public area of Middle-Earth is permitted, as long as the developers intended avatars to be able to reach it (there are a couple of ‘behind the curtain’ bugs that we know of).
  4. The picture should be of a distinctive location, i.e. no pictures of generic trees or walls with very little context.

It has proven much more popular than I expected, with over 40 locations and about 250 posts in the thread, and I’d certainly recommend it as an enjoyable activity to liven up any Kinship forum. I guess it would translate to any MMO, though I have an obvious bias for LotRO’s beautiful landscapes :)

Here are a few of my entries to give you some ideas. Some are easy, some less so!

That’s my character in the last one. He probably won’t be there if and when you find the location. Happy hunting!

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10 Responses to “LotRO: Where Am I? A Game for Explorers”

  1. Brian 'Psychochild' Green Says:

    I consider myself an explorer type, but sadly I recognize few of those shots exactly. I guess I need to pay more attention. :)

    Perhaps in a bit you could post the answers and/or some hints. Maybe have a “matching” system where you list the locations and people can match them up at home.

    Nice shots, though. They look like a screenshot gallery from an official website!

    • unwize Says:


      A few are a little dark, due to me turning up there at night, but there should hopefully be enough clues in each to identify the spot once in the location, if not the location itself!

      Here are some vague clues. Feel free not to read them!

      1, 4 and 6 shouldn’t be too difficult. You can pretty much identify the zones from the picture.

      2: Looks obvious, but could be impossible for some.

      3: A wayward location.

      5: The Witch King’s service entrance?

      7: Rising sun in the North.

      8: Under the bridge.

      9: Looks damp.

      10: A treacherous journey.

  2. Link-a-saurus « Nerf the Cat Says:

    [...] of my kin in LotRO, unwize explains the game taking the kin by storm. Inspired by Massively it appeals to the explorer in all of us. Head on [...]

  3. Longasc Says:

    Ah, no coordinates, LOTRO is in maintenance at the moment and as I told you, I plan to upload a slew of new Moria pics! ;)

    But I think I know roughly where these pics were taken:

    1. This is in Eregion, you are heading towards the giant/dragon area in the Trollshaws.

    2. This is tricky, I cannot locate it exactly. But it is the Lake Evendim zone.

    3. Is this the Troll-Watcher’s location in this Troll instance in the North Downs?

    4. Either the area of the Moria Entrance or the Spider area of the Lone Lands. I need to check the tree type there, not really sure.

    5. Somewhere in Angmar, hard to figure out the location.

    6. Misty Mountains? But otherwise no idea!

    7. Misty Mountain, looking down roughly from the Helegrod entrance / Hillmen area

    8. Moria… somewhere in the Great Delving, hard to tell.

    9. Moria Waterworks

    10. Are you fighting the Watcher somewhere or what is this? No idea! :)

    • unwize Says:

      1. Correct!
      2. Not in Evendim :)
      3. Yes, you’d be surprised at how few people have actually been there!
      4. You’re on the right track with one of your guesses, though not quite right.
      5. Angmar is a big place!
      6. Not Misty Mountains. Look to the sky!
      7. Also not Misty Mountains :)
      8. Not quite.
      9. Yes, but where exactly in the Waterworks?
      10. Somewhere in Imlad Balchorth in Angmar, but can you find it?

  4. mbp Says:

    Sadly I cannot place any of them but they are all superb screenies.

  5. Tesh Says:

    This is just the sort of game I’d love to play… if I were playing LOTRO.

    To be clear, it’s a game that I liked, but won’t pay a sub for. Oh, and the troll busting through the wall in the Dwarf staring questline gave my daughter nightmares for a month; she thought a monster was going to bust through her bedroom wall. I finally convinced her that the dwarves in the local mountains had scared away all of the monsters. She likes dwarves now.

  6. Longasc Says:

    As I recently also ventured to Forochel, my takes that these places are in the Misty Mountains and you told me wrong can only mean that they are in Forochel…. :)

    But Forochel is a REALLY big place, it is like saying “this pic has been taken on earth”. ;)

  7. unwize Says:

    Only one of the pictures is from Forochel, and it’s pretty easy once you know the lay of the land there.

  8. angusdeitw Says:

    nr 10. At that poisonous lake.

    find a way around the lake by a building, cross 2 broken down staircases, go to the waterfall, look to your right. Have a screenie of me there.

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